I feel that a great burden has fallen off my shoulders and that feeling of depression is gone. You have helped me make that positive step toward the future and given me a sense of hope.

Thank you for supporting our work. Every donation, whether large or small, helps us in our work of providing services and support to people who have survived terrible and traumatic experiences.

Your donation will help us to provide more comprehensive services to the people that need them most, particularly children, young people and older refugees.

STARTTS uses to process our donations – it is a secure, quick and easy way to make sure your donation goes straight to where it is needed most.
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STARTTS Board members are elected on the basis of their skills and sector experience to ensure professional and effective governance of the organisation.

Current Board Members

A/Prof. Roger Gurr

Ms Ezel Jupiter
(Deputy Chair)

Mr Colin Hickling

Mr Jorge Aroche
(Chief Executive Officer and Secretary)

Prof. Abd–Elmasih Malak
Ms Anne Harvey
Prof. Derrick Silove
Mr George Lombard
Mr John Richardson
Mr Michael Kakakios