Thank you for thinking about applying for a job at STARTTS!

STARTTS is an interesting workplace with a friendly and diverse workforce. Every day, our staff make a difference in the lives of people who have survived torture and trauma. We hope you can join us!

How to apply for a job at STARTTS

Please read the following information carefully and follow the steps as explained if you wish to apply for an advertised position at STARTTS.

Preparing to write the application

  1. Read the guide “How to apply for a job at STARTTS
  2. Read and understand the job description listing the essential and desirable selection criteria
  3. Call the contact person listed on the job ad if you have any questions about the job itself
  4. Learn more About STARTTS and STARTTS’ Services

Submitting a job application

  1. Fill out the STARTTS Application for Employment Form
  2. Write a Statement Against the Selection Criteria outlining how you meet the selection criteria (see the guide “How to apply for a job at STARTTS“)
  3. Update your Curriculum Vitae

Send ALL of the above 3 documents to STARTTS by email or post. If you do not send all 3 documents you may not be considered for the position. A cover letter is optional.

(Make sure you include your name and the ad reference number in the subject line)

HR Manager
PO Box 203
Fairfield NSW 2165

Note: Do not fax your application. If you do not send all 3 documents as required you may not be considered for the position.

The interview

A selection panel of at least three people will assess all the job applications against the essential and desirable criteria listed in the job description, and will cull the applications.

If you make the cull you will be invited by phone and letter to attend an interview at one of STARTTS’ offices. This should happen within 2 weeks of submitting the closing date for applications.

You will need to bring to the interview:

Original or certified copies of relevant qualifications. If your qualifications are from overseas please bring translations of your qualifications and a statement of Australian equivalence for your qualification, or letter of recognition or result of testing from a recognised assessing, registering and/or licensing body (read more about this)

  1. Completed ‘Working with Children Background Check’ or ‘Criminal Record Check Consent’ Form
  2. Completed ‘Proof of Identity’ Form plus original identity documentation
  3. Completed ‘Prohibited Employment Declaration’ Form

The last 3 forms will be sent to you with the invitation letter.

The same panel as above will interview the candidates who best meet the criteria. The panel members will ask the same questions of all the job applicants chosen for interview. You may be asked to do a role play or a presentation depending on the position.

Referee checks will be conducted with at least two recent work referees for those applicants being considered for appointment. If selected for the position you will be required to undergo a Criminal Record Check or Working with Children Check.

Notification of the outcome of your application

  • The preferred candidate will be informed of the success of their application within a few days informally by phone, and formally by letter once all of the checks have been completed. Note that you will be required to submit Certificates of Service for your previous jobs or equivalent documentation in order to be placed at the correct salary level.
  • Unsuccessful candidates who were interviewed will be informed within a few days by phone and by letter. You could be offered a place on the eligibility list if appropriate.

If you are not invited to the interview, you will be advised that your application has been unsuccessful by letter, usually within 2 weeks of the closing date.