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Humanitarian Awards

The 2017 awards were presented at the NSW launch of Refugee Week 2017 on 16 June 2017. Click here to see who won!

The Humanitarian Awards are your chance to nominate someone who deserves to be recognised for their excellent work supporting refugees, in whatever field they happen to be working in.

Every year STARTTS holds the Humanitarian Awards to acknowledge and thank those people who have made an exceptional positive contribution towards refugee issues in NSW. Individuals and organisations in various fields who are doing outstanding work to support refugees are eligible for the Awards.

Over the years, the Humanitarian Awards have honoured community leaders, youth workers, lawyers, journalists, teachers and many more – each of them making an incredible contribution to improving the lives of refugees.

In 2017, awards will be presented in the following categories:

Refugee community worker

Refugee supporter



Government and Legal



Rural and Regional


Best project

What do these categories mean?

If you have a nominee in mind, but you’re not sure which category to nominate them for, have a look at the category explanations below. Also, don’t forget that you can nominate people in up to three categories.

Category Explanations

Refugee Community Worker

A former refugee working on refugee issues with their own or other refugee communities, in either a paid or unpaid position

Refugee Supporter

A member of the broader Australian community, of any background, supporting and assisting refugees in any capacity, in either a paid or unpaid position


Schools, Universities and other educational institutions, or individuals working at such institutions, who assist former refugees by breaking down barriers to education


A young person aged 12-25 of refugee background making an outstanding contribution to Australian society in their chosen field

Government and Legal

Individuals or organisations from the government or legal sectors working to advise, assist or support asylum seekers or refugees


Media outlets, journalists or media officers supporting, prioritising and/or raising awareness of refugee issues


Sports organisations or projects working with, assisting or supporting refugees

Rural and Regional

Organisations or individuals working in regional areas of NSW to assist refugees


Small or large businesses employing, assisting, established/run by or in any other way supporting refugees

Best Project

An outstanding project working with or assisting refugees. The project can be run by an individual, group or organisation, and can either be ongoing or completed during the last year.

Essential info

Who can be nominated for a Humanitarian Award?

Anyone can be nominated for an Award, as long as their work with or for refugees is worthy of recognition and falls within one of the ten award categories.  Nominees can be individuals, organisations or specific projects.

Who can nominate?

Anyone can nominate another individual, organisation or project for an Award. An individual may also nominate themselves.

How do I make a nomination?

Start by downloading the Humanitarian Awards 2017 Info Sheet to read more information about the Awards. Then make a nomination by either:

1. Completing the online nomination form

2. Downloading the Word document Humanitarian Awards 2017 Nomination Form, complete, and return to STARTTS.

What do we want to know?

The Nomination Form is very easy to fill out and you’ll find all the info there, but in a nutshell we want to know:

  1. What work has the nominee undertaken to support refugees?
  2. Why is this work an exceptional contribution to the field, above and beyond other people or projects?

When do nominations close?

Nominations for this year’s Awards close Friday 2nd June 2017.