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Communities in Cultural Transition (CiCT) Program

CiCT assists non-funded associations and groups from newly arrived, small and emerging refugee communities to develop governance and leadership capacity. The main aim of the project is to end the dependence of small refugee groups on larger community service organisations and empower them to stand on their own.

The project uses a strengths based approach, seeking to build on the existing capacities of community groups. However, no group possesses all the skills and experience to manage every facet of running a community organisation, and no single community development worker is able to impart all these skills. Therefore, CiCT uses a pool of professional consultants with diverse skills, matching them to community groups with particular needs.

CiCT empowers communities from refugee backgrounds to take control of their community development in building organisations, skills and community capacities in Australia.

How does CiCT work?

Participation in the CiCT program is driven by the community. The project receives a request from a community, which is then followed by a detailed assessment of the group’s needs and strengths. The CiCT Project Officer then matches the group to the most appropriate consultant and pays the consultant for an agreed number of consultancy hours.

What can be covered?

Consultancy sessions can cover a range of topics including: leadership, governance, legal requirements for incorporated associations, advice on working with the media, setting up and maintaining financial systems, strategic planning, submission writing, website development, events management, project implementation & management, conflict resolution and graphic design.

For more information contact the CiCT Project Officer on (02) 9854 7300