I feel that a great burden has fallen off my shoulders and that feeling of depression is gone. You have helped me make that positive step toward the future and given me a sense of hope.

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How STARTTS Helps Clients

Individual Interventions

  • Assessment of trauma symptoms and their impact on daily functioning
  • Trauma treatment using a range of psychotherapeutic approaches tailored to the client’s needs
  • Referrals to other STARTTS services: Psychiatrist, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, Nutritionist, Neurofeedback and more
  • Referrals to external services as needed

Group Programs

Why STARTTS helps

Refugee trauma and the stressors of resettlement or applying for protection in Australia can cause great stress, pain and fear, and negatively impact on people’s health and everyday functioning. With timely and appropriate support people are better able to harness their own resources to heal and lead more healthy and productive lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does STARTTS help?

STARTTS helps people from refugee backgrounds, including asylum seekers, who were forced to leave their country due to persecution in the context of political conflict, organised violence and human rights violations.

What age groups does STARTTS help?

STARTTS helps people of all ages, from early childhood to older people from refugee backgrounds.

Does it matter when or how the client came to Australia?

STARTTS helps all people from refugee backgrounds no matter when or how they arrived in Australia.

How much do services cost?

All STARTTS services to clients from refugee backgrounds are free of charge.

What if my client doesn't speak English?

Many STARTTS staff are bilingual, and all use professional interpreters when required.

How do I refer a client to STARTTS?

Please read the information on our referrals page.

Where does STARTTS see clients?

STARTTS is a NSW based service and sees clients in Sydney and regional locations at:

  • STARTTS’ offices
  • STARTTS’ outreach locations such as TAFEs and community health centres
  • Schools

Who are STARTTS' staff?

STARTTS staff are a multidisciplinary and multicultural team of professionals with strong community links. All STARTTS staff undergo regular supervision and professional learning to maintain a high standard of service delivery.