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September 2019

6 September 2019
Cultural Competence in Working with People from Refugee Backgrounds
General workshop

11 September 2019
‘Accidental’ Counsellors: Responding to Refugee Trauma Related Behaviours
General workshop

13 September 2019
Facilitating Groups with People from Refugee Backgrounds
General workshop

18 September 2019
Challenges of Working Clinically with Domestic Violence when the Perpetrator is also a Torture and Refugee Trauma Survivor
A/Prof Susan Rees, UNSW, Kat Mikhailouskaya, STARTTS
Free clinical master class

19 September 2019 This workshop will not go ahead
Refugee Trauma Sensitive Conflict Resolution
General workshop

23 September 2019 – This workshop has been postponed to early 2020
Neurobiology of Safety: Clinical Applications of Porges’ Polyvagal Theory in Trauma Informed Practice
Joanne McIntyre
Clinical workshop

27 September 2019
Providing Grief Counselling in the Context of Multiple Losses associated with Refugee Trauma and Resettlement
Clinical workshop

November 2019

6 November 2019
Latest Research on Effective Interventions and Models for Torture and Refugee Trauma: Annual Update
Professor Nicholas Procter, Dr Natalie Matosin, Professor Mark Harris

8 November 2019
Core Concepts in Working with People from Refugee Backgrounds
General workshop

19 November 2019
Refugee Trauma Informed and Culturally Competent Care and Practice
Short course

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