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Clinical Master Class Evenings


Events 2016

Working with Refugee Survivors of Transgenerational Trauma
Professor Judith Atkinson and Neeraja Sanmuhanathan
30 March 2016
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Refugee Trauma and Dissociation: Reintegrating Lost Parts of the Being
Naomi Halpern and Deb Gould
30 May 2016
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Working Clinically with Asylum Seekers Forced to Return to their Country
Guy Coffey, Sivaharani Mayuran
10 August 2016

Working with Traumatised Individuals and their Families in the Aftermath of Refugee Trauma, Migration and Dislocation
Jenny Brown and Hannah Jamaleddine
14 September 2016
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Clinical Group Work with Survivors of Sexual Assault and Rape in the Context of Refugee Trauma
Jackie Burke, Pearl Fernandes, Yvette Aiello
9 November 2016
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About the program

STARTTS’ Clinical Master Class Evenings are held five times per year and aim to provide an opportunity for clinicians working with refugees to extend their understanding of refugee trauma by inviting expert speakers to present on interesting and practical topics. These presentations are followed by a case study presentation by an experienced STARTTS staff member and a panel discussion.

These events are free and open to anyone who is interested and are particularly suitable to those working in clinical and related settings. They are held at STARTTS’ Carramar office from 6-8pm. Light refreshments are provided. If you can’t make it to Carramar, there is the option of watching the event live over the internet (see below for more details).

The clinical master class evening program began in 2005. Read more about our previous events.

Free live webinar

If you can’t make it to Carramar, then you can save on time and petrol by watching the free live webinar of these events from your own computer. You will be able to participate in the panel discussion by sending in your typed questions which are answered live. Just go to and click on ‘Upcoming Live Webinars’ in the left hand navigation bar. No need to register. You should view one of their free sample videos before the day to ensure your computer settings are correct.

Recorded lectures

These events are recorded by Psychevisual and are available for viewing on the internet at a later date for a fee. Please see the Psychevisual website

STARTTS – 152-168 The Horsley Drive Carramar NSW

Time: 6-8pm

On-site parking is available. Drive into Mitchell St at the cross-road with The Horsley Drive. Turn into the driveway on the right between Fairfield Community Health Centre and the Ambulance Station. Follow the signs to STARTTS.

The Carramar site is approximately 10 minutes walk from Carramar station and 15 minutes from Fairfield station. Alternatively, take the 904 or 905 bus from Fairfield station.