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Looking at Community through a Different Lens: Facilitating Asset Based Community Development

Peter Kenyon

Community Development Seminar held on 26 June 2014

Peter Kenyon Seminar 2014 Landscape

This one day seminar sought to equip participants with the mindset, skills and tools to support vulnerable and disadvantaged communities in their developmental efforts through the philosophy and practice of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). ABCD is a methodology that seeks to uncover, highlight and utilise the strengths, capacities and resources within communities as a means for sustainable development, as opposed to the traditional community development focus of beginning with problems, needs, weaknesses and deficiencies. Instead ABCD highlights the need to move the focus and starting points from “what’s wrong to what’s strong.”  Participants were provided with a range of handouts, including copies of all workshop power point slide presentations.


Comment from participant

“Peter is knowledgeable and has vast experiences using Asset Based Community Development. The numerous examples and quotes used to illustrate points, content or effectiveness of approach were extremely useful.”

Peter Kenyon is a social capitalist and a community enthusiast.  Over the last 30 years he has worked with over 1600 communities throughout Australia and overseas seeking to facilitate fresh and creative ways that stimulate community and economic renewal. Peter has had a background as a youth worker, teacher, youth education officer, tertiary lecturer and senior public servant.  His employment experiences have included Director of Employment in Western Australia, Manager of the Community Employment Development Unit in New Zealand and Coordinator of the Natal Kwazulu Job Creation and Enterprise Strategy in South Africa.  His international consulting work has involved assignments in 60 countries. Peter and the Bank of I.D.E.A.S. have been at the cutting edge of the internationalised evolution of the philosophy and practice of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD).  His special interest is the application of ABCD within vulnerable and disadvantaged communities, including Indigenous, refugees, rural/ remote and public housing suburban communities.