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Latest Research on Effective Interventions and Models for Refugee Trauma:
Annual Update

STARTTS’ annual research symposium aims to summarise the latest information and research in the field of refugee trauma; ranging from advances in neuroscience and impacts of trauma to the newest findings on clinical implications, interventions and outcomes. It brings together the expertise of three, well-known Australian researchers whose work has gained wide international recognition.

Annual Update – 26 September 2018

photo-richard-bryant-lanscape-jpegProfessor Richard Bryant
Scienta Professor of Psychology, UNSW
Read bio

A/Prof Susan Rees

School of Psychiatry
Read bio and abstract

david-isaacProfessor David Issacs
Paediatrics & Child Health, Westmead and USYD.
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The 2018 event will include the following presentations:

  • Professor Richard Bryant: Overview of recent development in refugee trauma field from neuroscience to treatment.
  • A/Professor Dr Susan Rees: Recent research on prevalence, clinical implications and the treatment of domestic violence amongst populations with a refugee background.
  • Professor David Isaacs: Recent research on children and adolescents from refugee backgrounds including clinical implications and treatment.

Date: Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Time: 9.30am-12.30pm

Liverpool Hospital
Auditorium, Thomas and Rachel Moore Education Centre

Free with RSVP to attend in person
Free live webinar (

Annual Update – Held on 22 November 2017

Photo Zachary Steel Landscape JPEGProfessor Zachary Steel
St John of God Professorial Chair of Trauma and MH
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photo-katie-dawson-landscapeDr Katie Dawson
Clinical Psychologist, Post Doctoral Fellow, UNSW
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Photo Belinda Liddell LandscapeDr Belinda Liddell
Research Fellow
School of Psychology, UNSW
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Annual Update – 23 November 2016

Photo Derrick Silove LandscapeProfessor Derrick Silove
Foundation UNSW Professor of
Psychiatry, Liverpool Hospital

Download – Silove

Photo Belinda Liddell LandscapeDr Belinda Liddell
Research Fellow
School of Psychology, UNSW

Download – Liddell

Photo Linda Bartolomei LandscapeDr Linda Bartolomei
Direct, UNSW
Centre for Refugee Research

Download – Bartolomei

Annual Update – 2 December 2015

Professor Zachary Steel
St John of God Professorial Chair of Trauma and MH

Download – Steel

Photo Richard Bryant Lanscape JPEGProfessor Richard Bryant
Director, Traumatic Stress Clinic, Westmead

Download – Bryant

Dr Angela Nickerson
Director, Refugee Trauma and
Recovery Program, UNSW

Download – Nickerson

Presentation recordings

These events are recorded by Psychevisual and are available for viewing on the internet at a later date for a fee. Please see the Psychevisual website