Request a Training for your Workplace

STARTTS does presentations and workshops in the workplace covering the introductory concepts in working with people from refugee backgrounds, including asylum seekers and unaccompanied minors. We are also able to offer more specific workshops where appropriate.

Make a request

Think carefully about your training needs and how you would like STARTTS to help you. All requests need to be made several months in advance (see deadlines in the request form).

Please fill out both the:

Email both to the Training Officer.

Call the Training Officer on (02) 9794 1913 if you need more information.

Training in the Workplace

Trainings provided by STARTTS

  • Cultural Competence with People from Refugee Backgrounds
  • Working Effectively with People from Refugee Backgrounds
  • Working Effectively with Asylum Seekers
  • Working Effectively with Unaccompanied Minors
  • Working Effectively with Refugee Young People
  • Refugee Trauma and Ageing
  • ‘Accidental’ Counsellor
  • Clinical Practice and Refugee Trauma
  • Community development
  • Specific community awareness
  • STARTTS’ Services

Training in rural and regional areas of NSW

As part of our rural and regional strategy, STARTTS provides training to workers and volunteers in a number of regions of NSW. In particular training is offered in those areas of rural and regional NSW that have received significant numbers of newly arrived refugees.

Target group

Relevant to all mainstream service providers in NSW working with people from refugee backgrounds. A minimum of 8 participants is required to do a presentation or workshop.


A small cost may be applicable to your organisation. STARTTS is a non-profit organisation and any fees charged are aimed at cost recovery only. Health-related organisations receive training for free according to our funding agreement with federal health.