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Julie-Anne Younis


Julie-Anne Younis is a Psychologist with over 17 years’ experience, having commenced her career in 2003. She is currently the Senior Child and Adolescent Counsellor and a Trainer at STARTTS. Prior to joining STARTTS, Julie-Anne worked in a number of clinical settings, including Community Health, Mental Health and Youth Health services within NSW Health.

Julie-Anne is passionate about the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people, and as such has worked exclusively with this population since 2008. Her areas of expertise include working with clients that have experienced complex trauma, and those that have experienced marginalisation within our communities. She holds a keen interest in the interplay between culture and personality which has drawn her to work with clients from a variety of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. In addition to providing psychotherapeutic services to clients, she provides clinical consultation to a number of colleagues at STARTTS. She strives to provide meaningful clinical consultation as she believes that this is a forum whereby the clinician can engage in exploration of the self as therapist, as well as providing the space for the clinician to increase their therapeutic efficacy and confidence. She regularly provides training with regards to working with people from refugee backgrounds across the lifespan both internally and externally to STARTTS.

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