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Rudy Gonzalez

Rudy is the General Manager Practice Development and Learning at Foundation House. Prior to arriving at Foundation House, he worked as a Psychologist and the Principal Consultant at Salus Psychology and Consulting, as Principal Practice Leader in the Department of Health and Human Services where he was responsible for developing a trauma informed model of practice for Secure Services (Youth Justice, Secure Welfare and Forensic Disability Assessment and Treatment Services).

He was the founding Executive Director of Lighthouse Institute, an attachment and trauma informed knowledge centre that provided clinical supervision, training and consultancy to practitioners and organisations working with survivors of trauma, as well as conducting research on trauma informed therapeutic systems. He is a Board approved supervisor and member of the APS.

Rudy has also previously worked as the Director of Care Services at Lighthouse Foundation, as well as roles in child youth and family services and therapeutic communities in forensic settings. Rudy was a lecturer with the School of Psychology and Social Sciences at Victoria University, and is an Honorary Fellow of University of Melbourne. Rudy co-authored the book Therapeutic Residential for Children and Young People: An Attachment and Trauma Informed Model for Practice. Rudy’s work as a leader was recognized in 2013 receiving the SACS and Leadership Victoria Award for Excellence for Executives working in Not for Profit organisations. Rudy was also on the Board for the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare, the peak body for Child, Youth and Family Services in Victoria.

Rudy has extensive experience in work with refugees and migrant communities, as well as lived experience as a member of a survivor community having migrated to Australia with family in the 1970’s due to political conflict in his country of birth Uruguay, which has contributed to his passion for the work with survivor communities.

Abstract – Clinical Master Class – 22 July 2020

A Trauma Informed Approach to Organisational Capacity Building: The Foundation House Practice Development Framework and COVID-19

This presentation will share with participants how the VFST Practice Development Framework provided a strong foundation that was crucial to support staff during the unprecedented COVID-19 global pandemic. Foundation House commissioned a comprehensive review of the Direct Services Program. An area of focus that came out of the review was the need to further strengthen the organisation’s internal system to support the practice development of staff. This included staff induction processes, supervision, leadership, professional development, and staff wellbeing programs. The masterclass will provide participants an understanding of the impact that working with trauma can have on staff and the organisation as a whole, how a trauma informed systems approach to practice development can support staff development and wellbeing, an outline of the Practice Development Framework, the impact the framework has had on practice, and how it can be used to support other torture and trauma rehabilitation services. The Practice Development Framework has been particularly important to support practitioners in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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