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NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

CEO Message: 2021 Refugee Ball postponement

Dear friends and supporters,

STARTTS Refugee Ball has been an icon for over a decade now, in celebration of the vibrancy and diversity that refugee communities bring to Australia. Amidst the context of COVID-19 restrictions last year, we were successful in hosting the event in a digital capacity. However, after much deliberation we have decided to pause our beloved event in 2021.

Of course the COVID-19 related restrictions and particularly the lockdown that has just been lifted, meant that a face-to-face to event was not possible. Though even aside from these limitations, there has also been a vast increase over the past year in the level of demand on our services and management structures at every level.

Both the impact of the lockdown on refugee communities (particularly in Western Sydney) as well as the significant effects of the humanitarian crises in Myanmar, and most recently in Afghanistan, played a major role in our decision to pause the Refugee Ball for 2021.

I am happy to assure you that after stretching STARTTS’ resources in every possible way, we have remained successful in providing quality support to our clients and refugee communities in distress during this particularly difficult year.

I am incredibly proud of the magnificent way in which our staff raised to meet the challenge, in terms of hard work and long hours coupled with resourcefulness and ingenuity.

We look forward to recommencing our fantastic Refugee Ball in 2022 with an event that will be designed to make up for these two long pandemic years and will allow us to once again engage directly with all our dear supporters and friends of STARTTS.

We will communicate the date in the near future so you can put a placeholder in your diaries. I look forward to seeing you there.

My best wishes for the festive season and the year ahead.

Jorge Aroche

Enjoy highlights from our last Refugee Ball in 2019!
Video produced by our friends at Laundry Lane Productions


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