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STARTTS Presents: Trauma Sensitive and Somatically Savvy – Clinical Tools

STARTTS Presents: Trauma Sensitive And Somatically Savvy – Clinical Tools

Clinical News

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: STARTTS is thrilled to present US based leading Somatic Psychotherapist, Manuela Mischke Reeds MA LMFT on her return to Australia for our first of clinical workshop in 2020.

This workshop Trauma Sensitive and Somatically Savvy looks at trauma sensitive interventions and the key somatic tools that will help both therapists and their clients to work effectively.

Becoming “somatically savvy” means adding to any existing therapeutic framework and clinical repertoire.

Manuela Mischke-Reeds is a licensed somatic psychotherapist, international teacher and speaker, author and meditation teacher. She co-directs and teaches at the Hakomi Institute of California and Sydney and is the developer of From Trauma to Dharma, a somatic trauma training for professionals.

Trauma to Dharma is a unique trauma training: it integrates somatic trauma therapy techniques, psychobiological models of trauma in the body, ancient wisdom from Buddhist psychology and the cultivation of the inner development of the trauma therapist.

Working with trauma clients is a challenge to the contemporary Clinician. Trauma involves much more than the client’s personal story. We live in a time in which trauma is collective and all-pervasive.

The complexity of trauma symptoms coupled with systemic and intergenerational traumas requires a multi-layered approach to treating trauma successfully.

The influence of media, world events and terror are impacting everyone. We need to understand this influence and train our nervous system responses so we can become agents of nervous system change.

The contemporary therapist understands that trauma is interconnected, rooted in psychobiological changes and has lasting impact on the body’s health and mental well-being.

“There is no such thing as an isolated trauma, trauma effects all of us. It impacts all relations to self and others and our bodies,” says Mischke-Reeds.

This fast-selling 2 day workshop highlights key techniques, sets a frame of how to look at trauma from a somatic perspective and places the intricate healing relationship between client, therapist and the bodies’ wisdom at the centre.

Mounting evidence tells us that Somatic Psychotherapy may be the future of successfully healing the entire person in the treatment of trauma and stress disorders. It is no longer enough to deliver techniques, approaches or concepts — therapists of the future have to become someone that knows how to inspire healing in others.

The 2-day Workshop will be held from 24-25 February 2020, at the NSW Teachers Federation Conference Centre, Surry Hills in the City of Sydney from 9:30am – 5:00pm.


For more information about this workshop contact:

Training Coordinator: Melanie Leemon 9646 6758
Media inquiries: Communications Officer, Karen Collier 0432 286 851


Manuela Mischke-Reeds, MA, MFT
Manuela Mischke-Reeds, MA, MFT has been practicing and teaching for the past 25 years. Manuela is a licensed Somatic Psychotherapist, International teacher of Somatic Psychology, Writer, Consultant and Meditation teacher. She is training health professionals in California, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Europe and China. She co-directs and teaches at the Hakomi Institute of California and Sydney that hosts her Trauma training: “From Trauma to Dharma”. This training integrates current Neuroscience of Trauma Theory, Somatic and Mindfulness-based Interventions with Dharmic Teachings and embodied Meditation Practices.

Manuela lectures, consults and trains professionals in somatic psychotherapy, embodied mindfulness, attachment, trauma, and movement therapy at conferences, clinical agencies, and universities. She has counselled victims of political torture, veterans, first responders and other trauma victims of extreme trauma. In her work she focuses on how we can live from a deep place of knowing in own bodies. She believes that every person can access their own inherent body health and wisdom despite any stressors, traumas of the past. She maintains a private psychotherapy practice for individuals and couples in Menlo Park, CA.

International praise for Manuela Mischke-Reeds

Manuela Mischke-Reeds has a compassionate voice that imbues her very precise somatic interventions and suggestions with warmth and clinical wisdom.”

Janina Fisher, PhD
World Renowned Trauma Expert and Author

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