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NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

STARTTS stands in solidarity with the Afghan community

STARTTS stands in solidarity with you at this difficult time.

Wednesday 18 August

STARTTS is deeply concerned at the devastating situation in Afghanistan that has seen the Taliban return to power following the withdrawal of coalition forces and the collapse of the Afghan government.

We have watched with heavy hearts as the images of so many people desperately fleeing the prospect of renewed Taliban rule have been beamed around the world.

Many members of the Afghan community living here in Australia have been drastically affected by the events of recent days that have set back human rights in Afghanistan more than twenty years.

STARTTS acknowledges that members of the community living in Australia will hold deep concerns for the safety of loved ones still in Afghanistan and that many will be reminded of previous experiences of trauma suffered at the hands of past regimes.

We also acknowledge that some members in the community face these challenging times while contending with the uncertainty of temporary protection.

STARTTS stands in solidarity with you at this difficult time.

STARTTS offers counselling and community support services to people who have been affected by torture and trauma. These services continue to be available despite the COVID-19 lockdown in NSW.

Members of the Afghan community who would benefit from STARTTS support are encouraged to refer themselves or family members to STARTTS.

Anyone can make a referral to STARTTS, including service providers, medical professionals, a family member or friend of the person or the person themselves.

To make a referral to STARTTS please call (02) 9646 6800 and ask for the Intake Officer. Alternatively, you can complete our referral form and email it to us.


Media enquiries:
Karen Collier, STARTTS Communications Officer
9646 6700

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