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NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

Support for NSW Residents Affected by the Beirut Explosions

Support For NSW Residents Affected By The Beirut Explosions


The STARTTS Community extends our sincerest condolences to the people affected by the explosions that shook Beirut in Lebanon on 4 August 2020. In the intervening two months, our thoughts and prayers have been with people in Lebanon and around the world, whose loved ones were killed or who were injured, left homeless or had their livelihoods impacted by the blasts. Our thoughts are also with the thousands of Australians who are worried about the situation of their loved ones in Lebanon, battling the crippling effect of the economic crises, political instability, poverty and the COVID-19 pandemic.

We acknowledge that for many survivors of trauma, the recent events in Lebanon have triggered very painful memories from past exposure to war and violence. And, while most of the victims of the blasts were Lebanese, many were refugees, migrants and visitors from other countries. We are acutely aware of how far-reaching the emotional and mental impact of this disaster is and would like to extend our solidarity and support.

STARTTS counselling services are available to anyone in NSW who has survived trauma and has had a refugee, asylum seeker or refugee-like experience. Our services are also available to second or subsequent generations who have been vicariously impacted by the refugee or war-related traumas experienced by their relatives. STARTTS counselling services are free and confidential. Anyone can make a referral to STARTTS, including service providers, medical professionals, a family member or friend of the person or the person themselves. To make a referral to STARTTS, please call (02) 9646 6800 and ask for the Intake Officer. Alternatively, you can complete our referral form and email it to us.

STARTTS is also available to support school communities that have been affected by recent events in Lebanon. We have published an article to assist schools with responding to the needs of students, parents/carers and staff. Our School Liaison Team is also available to provide specialist consultation, professional learning or support for you school community, please visit our website or contact Shaun Nemorin, School Liaison Team Leader for more information.

STARTTS in the media SBS News, 6 October, 2020
Weeks after the Beirut blast, Lebanese Civil War survivors in Australia remain retraumatised


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