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NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

Support for NSW Residents Affected by the invasion of Ukraine by Russian military forces

Dear Supporters,

As the situation in Ukraine deteriorates, STARTTS’ board of management, executive and staff wish to communicate our utmost dismay and abhorrence at the invasion of this country by Russian military forces and our deepest concern about the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding.

We know at STARTTS how deep an effect such events can have on expatriate communities in Australia, and we would like to extend our solidarity and support to all people in our community touched by this conflict, Ukrainians, Russians, and any other communities shaken by these events.

As we have done with many communities impacted by humanitarian crises in the past, STARTTS, with the assistance of Multicultural NSW will be setting up a hotline to assist individuals affected and working closely with relevant community groups to resource and assist them in their efforts to support their communities.

We will also continue to work closely with our sister services in Australia and overseas through the FASSTT and IRCT networks.

We know that people that have experienced firsthand the impact of war and conflict can be particularly vulnerable at times when news of war and suffering become omnipresent in both public and social media.

Our advice is to monitor and limit your exposure to such news as much as possible and to implement any techniques that have worked in the past to rebalance and calm yourself, and of course, to not hesitate to seek assistance early if you need it.

STARTTS Witness to War Hotline can be reached on 1800 845 198.


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