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Urban SmARTs brings together youth arts projects

Urban SmARTS brought together many of STARTTS’ ongoing youth arts projects in a vibrant celebration and showcase of STARTTS’ arts programs with young people. On the 8th of August Powerhouse Youth Theatre (PYT) in Fairfield played host to an exciting array of youth-led projects using artistic activities to build connections between refugee young people and to overcome trauma.

Urban SmARTs was a day of music, dance, workshops and performances for young people. All of STARTTS’ arts and culture based youth programs were brought together in one place, and included the following projects:
Afro Contemporary Youth Dance (ACYD)
Project Bantu Capoeira program
Healing Through Evan Yako’s Drumming\
• clay workshops
• plus a guest performance by South Western Sydney Youth Choir

STARTTS’ youth-based arts projects have proven to be incredibly popular with young people as they provide a safe place to explore issues of trauma and adjusting to life in Australia, while also offering a chance to bond with other young people, all while having fun!

In the words of our young clients:

“Whatever you have in your mind you just dance and forget everything”

“I came out of nothing and STARTTS made me the person I am – they taught me how to go for my dream”

See below for a selection of photos from the event


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