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NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

Volunteer for STARTTS

Volunteers have always played an important role in supporting and expanding STARTTS’ services and its areas of work to provide support to individuals, families, and communities of refugee backgrounds. STARTTS has been very lucky to have many dedicated volunteers to help us create more positive changes in the community. Our volunteer positions are diverse and driven by projects and clients’ needs all year around. If you join our amazing team of volunteers, you can choose your level of commitment in relation to your volunteer hours as either a one-off or ongoing volunteer.

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator

Some examples of our volunteer opportunities include:

Why volunteer at STARTTS?

Volunteering at STARTTS is a fulfilling and rewarding journey. To know more about our volunteers’ experiences, have a read of our volunteer testimonials below:

  • “I learnt many things during working with STARTTS, which was so beneficial to me.”
  • “[I] felt supported and had enjoyed being part of the project I am volunteering for.”
  • “I have volunteered for 18 years and have found it very rewarding and satisfying. I love doing it and it is a two ways street, I learned a lot from the students I had over the years.” 

As STARTTS registered volunteers, you also have access to high-quality resources and training opportunities provided by highly experienced professionals in the field.

Interested in volunteering with us?

If you are interested in one of a volunteer position, please fill this Volunteer Expression of Interest Form and send it to us so we can chat more.

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator
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