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Refugee Week 2014

Every year STARTTS, in conjunction with the Refugee Council of Australia and the Australian Refugee Film Festival, organises the Launch of Refugee Week – the week surrounding World Refugee Day on June 20. The event aims to highlight the importance of refugee issues and celebrate the resilience, talents and achievements of refugees in NSW.

The Launch of Refugee Week 2014 took place on Saturday 14 June,

from 10:30am – 12:30pm at Granville Town Hall, 10 Carlton St, Granville.

Refugee Week is a chance to draw attention to refugee issues and to promote respect toward the refugee population, and most of all to celebrate the many amazing contributions that refugees make to Australian society.

This year STARTTS, together with the Refugee Council of Australia and Settlement Services International (SSI), presented an event featuring incredible performances from refugee musicians, the Humanitarian Awards recognising some of the people who are making the biggest difference to refugee issues in NSW, beautiful works of art by refugees, and of course lovely food!

For the first time, the Launch event was held in Western Sydney and we had fantastic representation at the event from the local community, who all enjoyed the event greatly. The diversity in the crowd demonstrated not only the diversity of Sydney, but also the wide variety of people who felt the need to come out in support of refugees and the contribution they make to our society.

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STARTTS Humanitarian Awards

Each year, as part of Refugee Week, the Humanitarian Awards are held as an opportunity to acknowledge and thank those who have made an outstanding positive contribution towards refugee issues in NSW.

The Humanitarian Awards also provide a chance to further promote the hard work and achievements of both individuals and organisations in various fields that play a substantial role in improving the lives of refugees.

At the Launch of Refugee Week we will present awards to 10 people who are making the most outstanding contributions to refugee issues in NSW.

Awards were presented to the following winners:

Media – Naomi Selvaratnam, SBS

Government/Legal – Marlene Nehme, Centrelink

Rural and Regional – Abdullah Nazari

Business – WEFTshop

Best project – Philip Feinstein, Music for Refugees

Refugee community worker – Hassan Rezayee, Human Care Welfare

Refugee supporter – Sharyn Mackenzie, SCARF

Youth – Headspace Youth Advisory Committee

Education – Kim Cootes

Sport – Kodjo Adjassou and the Bankstown Lions Football Club

Congratulations to the 2014 Humanitarian Award winners!

Art Exhibition and more!

The Dario Palermo Refugee Art Exhibition commemorates the life and works of Dario Palermo, refugee from South America and founder of the exhibition, and continues his legacy to support future development of refugee artists.

A selection of works were displayed at Refugee Week 2014, including photography alongside traditional visual arts such as painting and sculpture. In addition, a special project on the work of an Iraqi silversmith was exhibited in a striking five meter long panel (below). The exhibition also travelled to the Pitt St Uniting Church in the City and was on display throughout Refugee Week.

As always, we showcased the best of refugee performance. This year we welcomed back Mustafa Karami and his ensemble; his stunning performance at Refugee Week 2012 left people wanting more! And for the first time had an ensemble of Tamil musicians playing drum and the traditional veena who had the crowd captivated.

Photo Gallery – Refugee Week in 2014

Ethiopian coffee for our guests Humanitarian Award winners 2014 Humanitarian Awards - Hassan Rezayee Humanitarian Awards - Kim Cootes

Humanitarian Awards - Kodjo Adjassou and the Bankstown Lions Football Club (collected by George Nolevski) Humanitarian Awards - Marlene Nehme (collected by Najah Kerbaj) Humanitarian Awards - Naomi Selvaratnam Humanitarian Awards - Philip Feinstein

Humanitarian Awards - Sarah and Farah from the Headspace Youth Advisory Committee Humanitarian Awards - Sharyn Mackenzie Humanitarian Awards - WEFTshop Iraqi silversmith with his panels

Salmak group Salmak performing for the crowd Tamil performers - veena and percussion Marlene Nehme Humanitarian Award winner

For more info about Refugee Week and World Refugee Day visit the Refugee Week website (run by the Refugee Council of Australia)

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