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NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

Baby Map – A guide for you and your 0-3 year old

This animated video series has been developed for parents and caregivers from refugee communities and features 6 short, animated videos exploring the importance of play, joy and attachment for healthy development of 0-3 year olds. It is available in 13 community languages.

Watch in English

Guideline for using Baby Map

Baby Map is aimed at people from a refugee background but can be used by anyone with small children. While every baby develops differently, the need for bonding between parent/caregiver and child is universal. Baby Map can be used in:

  • The home
  • In clinics
  • In therapeutic groups
  • Parent education courses
  • Child and family health consults
  • GP clinics
  • Playgroup settings
Download Baby Map Guide
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