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Refugee Transitions

Issue 20 Winter 2008

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Burma – Forty Six Years of Solitude
Olga Yoldi

Chad – In the Line of Fire
Yasmine Fathy


The Moral Cost of Torture
Dr Anthony Marsella

Straddling Two Cultures
Carlos and Yolanda Encina

Holocaust Child Survivors
Elizabeth Ban

Exceeding a Troubled Education
Maniijah Haidary-Hakim

Turning Ten Years of Horror into a Lifetime of Peace
Vo Dai Ton

Faith and Therapy
ABC Radio

A Long Journey
Daniel Zu and Rebecca Hinchey


Chilean Mapuches – From Indigenous Mythical Heroes to Terrorists
Anontio Castillo

Temporary Protection Visas


Book Review: ‘Rogue Economics’ by Loretta Napoleoni

Resource Review: Jungle Tracks Program: For Work with Young People
Alan Mtashar

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