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NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors
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Refugee Transitions

STARTTS' free magazine reports on a broad

range of human rights issues, focusing

attention on the impact of organised

violence on health

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Refugee Transitions

Issue 21 | Summer 2008

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Links to Individual Articles


Congo’s Darkness Envelopes its Civilians
Rebecca Hinchey


20 Years of STARTTS
Elizabeth Ban

Reaching New Heights
Jorge Aroche and Mariano Coello

Averting a Climate of Conflict
Emma Pittaway

The Principle of Good: Tiep Nguyen
Rebecca Hinchey

Postcards from Africa
Cheryl Webster


Innovations in Research with Refugee Communities
Dr Eileen Pittaway and Linda Bartolomei

Feeling Safe or Feeling Afraid: A Theory Based on Human Evolution
Rebecca Hinchey


Child Soldiers
Michael Wessels

Civil Wars
Olga Yoldi

Refugee Reform: The Next Chapter
David Holdcroft

ISHHR Conference: Rebuilding Health and Dignity after Trauma and Human Rights Violations
Alejandra Szczepaneak


‘Mahtab’s Story’ by Libby Gleeson

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