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Refugee Transitions

Issue 22 Winter 2009

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Trouble in Paradise (Fiji)
Olga Yoldi

Torture and Democracy
Darius Rejali, Professor of Political Science, Reed College, US speaks to Olga Yoldi

Zimbabwe on the Brink
Adam Coles and Rebecca Hinchey

Iraqi Palestinians Stuck on the Syria-Iraq Border: Why are they Different?
Dr Graham Thom

Breaking Down the Barriers: The Role of Faith in Healing Process
Olga Yoldi

Rape as a War Crime
Dr Eileen Pittaway

The Istanbul Protocol
Samira Hassan and Sejla Tukelija

Capoeira Angola: Healing in Action
Georgia Swan and Rebecca Hinchey

A Journey through English
Elizabeth Schaffer

In Memoriam: Vale Hassan Omar
Aden Omar

Healing through Art
Hader Abadi, Iraq-born Painter speaks to Rebecca Hinchey

Book Review: ‘Dead Aid’ by Dambisa Moyo
Samira Hassan

Book Review: ‘The Brain that Changes Itself’ by Dr Norman Doidge
Vincent Sicari

Film Review: ‘The Reader”
Vincent Sicari

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