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Refugee Transitions

Issue 23 2010

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Please click on the titles below to download a PDF of individual articles from Issue 23 of Refugee Transitions.

The Forgotten Corners of Europe and Asia: The Ex-Soviet Republics
Olga Yoldi

The Economics of Smuggling People
Dr Khalid Koser

Cultural Diversity in Clinical Interventions
STARTTS’ Clinicians speak to Olga Yoldi

The Quest for Peace
Elizabeth Ban

Breaking the Silence
Jasna Zecevic

The Years of Refugee Health
Marissa Salem

A Kingdom Lost: The Story Behind the Tamil Boats
Narmatha Thillainathan

Music Therapy Helps Refugees
Sarah Scroope and Rosemary Signorelli

Enterprise Facilitation Gives Birth to Embroidery Baby
Sarah Scroope

Getting Services Right for Older Survivors
Kathryn Knight

Complimentary Protection: The Changing Face of a Refugee
Sarah Scroope

Far to Here: Shining a Light on Darfur’s Displaced
Daniela Aroche

Film Review: Under the Bombs
Vince Sicari

Event: The Refugee Ball

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