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Refugee Transitions

Issue 25 May 2011

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The Banality of Violence – The Failings of Mexico’s Drug War
Olga Yoldi

Honduras: After the Coup
Rose Wong


Refugees: Innocent Victims, Illegal Immigrants or Political Pawns?
Dr Eileen Pittaway

Refugee Camps: Past and Present
In photos


The Psychology of Politics
Professor Vamik Volkan, Four times nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize speaks to Janset Berzeg


The Laws of War
Dr Helen Durham, Australian Red Cross speaks to Olga Yoldi

Argentinean Journalists Complicit in Crimes Against Humanity
Antonio Castillo

When the Journey Begins at the Destination
Dr Khalid Koser


Using Neuroscience to Treat Refugee Trauma: Neurofeedback Training at STARTTS
Debbie Gould


Refugee Services in New Zealand
Gary Poole, Manager of Refugees as Survivors New Zealand speaks to Olga Yoldi

Doing Justice and Building Capacity: Ninth International Capacity Building Workshops and Conference on Health and Human Rights: Tbilisi, Georgia 6-9 October 2011
Janset Berzeg

Implementing a Whole School Approach
Samantha McGuffie from the Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture gave this presentation at a STARTTS Clinical Masters Evening

Looking for New Experiences
Angel Lasanta, Spanish Psychology Student spoke to Richard Walker

Senators and MPs Attend Refugee Ball 2010
Janset Berzeg and Richard Walker


Dr Juan Almendares, Director and Founder of the Center for the Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and Their Families
(Honduras) spoke to Rosie Wong


‘The Boat’ by Nam Le
Samira Hassan

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