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NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

Refugee Transitions

Issue 26 | April 2012

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The Arab Spring – One Year On
Olga Yoldi


Easing the Transition
An interview with Dr Jose Quiroga by Olga Yoldi

International Experts Combat Gross Human-Rights Abuses
Janset Berzeg

Theatre of the Oppressed: Influencing Public Opinion through the Arts
An interview with Hector Aristizabal by Janset Berzeg


Heal Africa
Barbara Ferguson

Sierra Leone: Trapped in the Shadows of the Mind
An interview with Dr Edward Nahim by Olga Yoldi


Sunrise over South Sudan
Karishma Rao Erraballi

The Neuroscience of Education
An interview with Louis Cozolino by Mariano Coello and Max Schneider

Reality TV Stirs Emotions on Refugees
An interview with Ivan O’Mahoney by Richard Walker

Capoeira: Counselling in Motion
Richard Walker

Training at STARTTS
Belinda Green

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