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Refugee Transitions

Issue 8 Summer 2000

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Please click on the titles below to download a PDF of individual articles from Issue 8 of Refugee Transitions.

Algeria and the Making of a Civil War
Olga Yoldi

West-Side Stories
Helen Basili

Painful Memories of a Detention Centre
Khalif Al Maliki

Throwing Water into the Sun
Cathy Preston-Thomas

A Provocative Vocation
Sue Roxon

The Shattering of the Land of the Jewels
Gary Cachia

Living by the Dice
Peggy Lee

The Island Where Temples Collide
Ian Nichol

A Sense of Community
Jasmina Bajraktarevic-Hayward

The Impact of War
Ranka Tosanovic

Singing for the Soul
Nicola Carter

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