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NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

Refugee Transitions

Issue 29 | October 2014

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After Persecution – Zaatari Refugee Camp
Angela Nickerson and Richard Bryant

South Sudan and The Making of a New Nation
Olga Yoldi

Syrian Refugees Living in Urban Areas of Jordan
David Maurice Smith / Oculi

Time for Peace
Olga Yoldi


Difficult things happen: Why are governments justifying torture in our name?
Panel discussion with STARTTS & Amnesty International

Indonesia’s Asylum Hub
David Maurice Smith


Ageing Slower with Brain Power
John Arden

Healing Trauma Across Cultures
Boris Drozdek

Reflections from the 25th Anniversary
Richard Walker


Dr Ruth Tarn; The Reverend Martin Chittleborough

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