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Refugee Transitions

Issue 35 November 2020

Refugee Transitions 35

Refugee Transitions exists to report on a broad range of human rights issues, focusing attention on the impact of organised violence on health, analysing international conflicts and reporting on the latest clinical research findings and the innovative interventions that support the settlement of refugees, and their stories of survival.

Please click on the titles below to download a PDF of individual articles from Issue 35 of Refugee Transitions.


Libya’s proxy war
Olga Yoldi

Triangle of Terror
Antonio Castillo


Psychotherapy in the 21st century
Dr John B. Arden

Somatic Therapy
Manuela Mischke-Reeds

An innovative project in mental health
Matthew Potts, Ellen Alkon de la Jara, Catherine Kelly, Paz Roman Seyr


Australian voices
Olga Yoldi

Global Perspectives on Torture
Jorge Aroche, Lisa Henry, James Lin, Geoffrey Robertson

COVID-19 Pandemic and the impact on violence
Institute for Economics and Peace

The power of human rights
Craig Foster


Global Peace Index 2020 Briefing
Institute for Economics and Peace

Profile of courage
Karen Collier


Communities in Cultural Transition
David Ajak Ajang

Finding a way
Bita Jayzan

A celebration to remember
Olga Yoldi

Faith in refugees
Professor Peter Shergold


Cruelty or Humanity
Richard Falk

Sergio Vieira de Mello – A man in search of peace
Olga Yoldi

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