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Interface Column

Interface Column was been published quarterly in the former Journal of Psychotherapy in Australia. The focus of the column was to bring attention to issues that present themselves in the mental health/ counselling and psychotherapy field that require a sensitivity to ’difference’ as a central concern.

Interface addressed issues such as suicide and how suicide is viewed across different cultures and religions, and issues of gender across cultures and religion. The column also highlighted the needs of particular groups, such as children in detention, refugees, Australian aboriginals, and different migrant/refugee groups, among others. The Interface column was edited by Nooria Mehraby, STARTTS’ Clinician Trainer.

Free downloadable articles

STARTTS would like to thank Psychotherapy in Australia for allowing the use of these articles. Please click on the relevant links below to download copies of the Interface column.

Congolese Clients with a Trauma History
Tshimanga Beya, May 2011

Understanding the ‘Boat People’
Nooria Mehraby, February 2011

Reflecting on Stories of Refugee Women
Nooria Mehraby, November 2010

Counselling Tamil Sri Lankans
Narmantha Thillainathan, August 2010

Four Paths to Freedom: Hindu Concepts in Counselling
Narmantha Thillainathan, May 2010

A Christian Approach to Clinical Practice
Adriana Volona, February 2010

The Stolen Generation 
Robin Young, November 2008

Rogers to Reincarnation: Counselling People of the Hindu Faith
Narmantha Thillainathan, August 2009

The Sex Diaries of Bettina Arndt
Elisabeth Shaw, May 2009

Possessed or Crazy: Mental Illness Across Cultures
Nooria Mehraby, February 2009

Gay and Lesbian Culture in Psychotherapy
Deborah Gould, November 2008

Cultural Competence: On Counselling Difference
Hanan Dover, August 2008

Engaging Sudanese and Other Africans
Benjamin Wani, May 2008

Working with Diversity 
Nooria Mehraby, February 2008

Challenges of Muslim Immigrants: A Psychosexual Perspective
Sara Nazzerzadeh, November 2007

Intellectual Disability: A Therapeutic Challenge
Roslyn Davis, August 2007

When a Loved One is Dead 
Nooria Mehraby, May 2007

Culture and Countertransference
Deborah Gould, February 2007

Behind Closed Doors: Sex and Culture 
Nooria Mehraby, November 2006

Zebra Crossings to ‘Thick’ Citizenship 
Greg Gow, August 2006

Supervising Bicultural Counsellors in their Work with Traumatised Refugees
Robin Bowles, May 2006

The Meanings of Culture
Patrizia Ravalico, February 2006

Interpersonal Trauma and Suicides Across Cultures: Mental Health, Feminism and Multiculturalism 
Sarah Stewart, November 2005

Disclaimer: Please note that the views expressed in the following articles are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of STARTTS or Psychotherapy in Australia.

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