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Rhythm to Recovery (Therapeutic Drumming)

Since 2007 STARTTS has successfully used the musical ‘Rhythm to Recovery’ program to engage, teach social skills and build self-esteem among youth from refugee backgrounds.

The ‘Rhythm to Recovery’ program, an evidence-based therapeutic intervention first created in 2003 by indigenous education officers in Western Australia, is based on experiential learning as participants engage in a cooperative process, making music together and developing healthy social interactions and connections. It is relevant to all age groups and is of benefit to people who might not benefit from more cognitive based interventions to address refugee trauma issues.

The program is offered over 10 weeks and teaches drum rhythms within a group environment.  The program has many other benefits such as releasing inner tension; externalising feelings and emotions; allowing creative self-expression; reducing anxiety and stress and increasing social skills and self-awareness. The final session is a public performance which requires participants to plan and collaborate so that team work and communication skills are also valuable program outcomes.  Participants are usually referred to STARTTS from schools.

For more information

Please contact Lina Ishu, Youth Team Leader, on (02) 9646 6700 or by email.

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