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NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

LGBTQIA+ Project – Walk on Walk Strong

The STARTTS LGBTIQA+ project recognises the diversity of communities with diverse sexualities and genders with refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds. Our program provides peer-led support groups run by people with lived experience. These groups are open to anyone who identifies as having a diverse gender, sexuality or body and is an asylum seeker, refugee or has a refugee-like background. Groups are anonymous and confidential spaces where people can be themselves amongst their peers, share information, knowledge, be referred to services that LGBTIQA+ people require and need including counselling at STARTTS,  as well as building friendships and community.

We also provide Inclusive Practice training for service providers, and advocate and raise awareness about issues that concern us including challenging stigma and acknowledging resilience. Together We Walk on Walk Strong.

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More information and to make a training request

Contact the LGBTQIA+ Project Officer, Heather Grace Jones via email.

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