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Witness to War Project

This project ran from May 2018 and concluded in May 2019. Please contact STARTTS if you have any questions.

The Witness to War Project supported individuals and families who have been directly exposed to or impacted by overseas conflicts and experiencing negative consequences. The project was an information and referral support service that assisted people to access and navigate the existing service system. In addition, we provided information and training to increase the understanding of service providers, organisations and communities of the impact of overseas conflicts and to enhance their capacity in working with individuals and families.

Persons eligible for Witness to War included individuals and families who:

  • Are residing in NSW after having lived in a country which has experienced conflict
  • Have returned to NSW after temporarily working in conflict zones
  • Have cultural or family connections to overseas conflict zones
  • Are vulnerable consumers of media/social media coverage of overseas conflicts

All Witness to War services are free of charge.

Why Witness to War helped

Research shows that global conflicts and crises impact Australian communities in different ways. Individuals and families directly exposed to or impacted by overseas conflicts may experience stress and anxiety, or become fearful. People may present with a range of health, social, cultural, financial, and other practical issues. With timely and appropriate support, people are better able to harness their own resources and address the challenges they face.

The intervention by caseworkers involved:

  • An initial needs assessment including the impact of current difficulties on daily functioning
  • Providing information and developing support plans for clients with the view of moving them towards self-sufficiency
  • Provide short-term casework if needed on a case-by-case basis
  • Referrals to services within the existing service system

Who was not suitable for referral for Witness to War services?

  • Individuals and families who are eligible for services for refugees and humanitarian entrants
  • Individuals or family experiencing a crisis (e.g. domestic violence, homelessness, mental health issue) and requiring urgent intervention

The Witness to War Project was supported by Multicultural NSW with funding from the Australian Government

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