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NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors

In recognition of the large training needs across services around the state and elsewhere, STARTTS has looked for new ways to share and disseminate knowledge. Owl Talks (formerly Psychevisual) is a website containing lectures recorded prior to 2020 by STARTTS’ staff, clients (former and present) and other survivors on a range of topics related to psychotherapeutic work with refugees, particularly those which have survived torture and trauma. The site is meant for the general public, clinicians and academics. It includes papers, videos and multimedia presentations. STARTTS has published many lectures in Owl Talks, an invaluable resource for those who work with trauma survivors. These lectures are available to be viewed for a small fee or by subscription to Owl Talks.

The STARTTS contribution to Owl Talks was edited by STARTTS’ Senior Clinician/ Trainer, Nooria Mehraby. Herself a former refugee, Nooria has more than 30 years work experience with child, adolescent and adult refugees, both overseas and in Australia. Nooria first trained as medical doctor in her native Afghanistan and later completed a Master of Counselling in Australia. Nooria is an experienced national and international conference speaker and is the author of multiple publications (including textbook contributions) on refugee trauma, cross cultural counselling and working with children. She is also the editor of the Interface column in the journal Psychotherapy in Australia.

The following is a list of some of the lectures available on Owl Talks. See Owl Talks for a more comprehensive list.

The challenges of working with refugee trauma
Jorge Aroche, Executive Director

Community level interventions in working with torture and trauma survivors – nexus between theory and practice
Jasmina Bajraktarevic Hayward, Community Services Coordinator

Counselling Afghanistan torture and trauma survivors
Nooria Mehraby, Clinician Trainer

Jungle Tracks: road to recovery and reflection – a story telling approach to assist refugee children, adolescents and parents integrate and manage the distress related to bereavement, trauma, discrimination and stress induced by the refugee experience
Pearl Fernandes, Senior Clinical Team Leader/Psychologist

Mindfulness treatment with torture and trauma clients at STARTTS (Case study)
Gordana Hol-Radicic, Direct Service Co-coordinator

Physiotherapy with torture and trauma survivors
Susan Roxon, Physiotherapist

Psychoeducation as an integrative part of therapy with clients who suffer from PTSD
Indira Haracic-Novic, Bicultural Counsellor (Bosnian)

Psychological assessment of torture and trauma survivors
Gordana Hol-Radicic, Direct Service Co-coordinator

Survivor through faith
Vo Dai Ton, a survivor

Thinking psychodynamically with refugee children and their families
Peter Blake

Cross-cultural counselling: A case study of a Sudanese refugee
Naome Madut, Counsellor

Trauma seen as impairments to integration: The nine domains
Associate Professor Daniel J Siegel

The neuroscience of psychotherapy: Building the social brain
Dr Louis Cozolino

Trauma, anger and spirals of violence
Professor Derrick Silove

The Biology of trauma: Implications for treatment and prevention
Professor Richard Bryant

Traumatic grief: Issues and treatment
Julie Dunsmore

Integration of EEG biofeedback in therapeutic work with torture and trauma survivors
Mirjana Askovic

Trauma and chronic pain: Integrating positive psychology approaches into biofeedback based Heart Rate Variability training; an overview
Tom Neser

Vicarious trauma and self care at The NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS)
Gordana Hol-Radicic, Direct Services Coordinator

Neuroplasticity and connectivity between the left and right hemispheres
Gordana Hol-Radicic, Direct Services Coordinator

As a group we do better: Twenty years of a Latin American refugee women’s self-help group, based on a systemic bio-psycho-social approach
Lucy Marin

Owl Talks Online Videos on the Psyche in Health and Illness is an innovative approach to adult learning in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and mental health care. Users will find papers and multimedia presentations easy to access and are given a wide range of material of value to professionals and to the interested public. The access to the content of the Psychevisual site is by subscription, on a pay per view or pay to download basis.

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